Topaz Lodge Super Star Rewards And Specials

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Super Star Rewards Card

What would you do if you could get paid to play?


There are five great Nevada Casinos in The Super Star Rewards club. Membership in this club gets you a host of benefits as you travel across Interstate 80 and HWY 395. Earn as you play at Winner’s Inn Casino,  Pete’s Gambling Hall and Sundance Casino in Winnemucca,  Topaz Lodge in Topaz,  Nevada and Joe’s Tavern Casino in Hawthorne


  • Dining: Topaz Lodge Steak House
  • Lodging Discounts: Winner’s Inn and Topaz Lodge
  • Gaming: Pete’s Gambling Hall, Winner’s Inn, Sundance Casino, Topaz Lodge and Joe’s Tavern Casino
  • Extras: Drawings and promotions, Free Slot Play, Birthday gifts

You’ll get lodging deals at Topaz lodge and Winner’s Inn as well as deals at their great restaurant the Star Broiler, just down the street from Pete’s Gambling Hall as well as our other great restaurants the Lakeview Coffee Shop, and the Topaz Lodge Steakhouse.

Every Day Topaz Lodge Specials


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